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Monday, January 31, 2005

See Some Dam Movies and Hear Some Damn Music: But What About F**** Friday?

Lights, Camera, Boulder City!? This weekend has Boulder City hosting the Dam Short Film Festival.

"The Dam Short Film Festival will be held February 4-6, 2005, in Boulder City, Nevada, and will feature 100 short films of varied style, subject, and origin.
Program blocks will include Live-Action, Documentary, Animation, and Youth/Family. In addition, there will be a special Programmers' Picks, "Best of Ai" Showcase (The Art Institutes) , and Animation Trip Retrospective.

Boulder City - home of the Hoover Dam - is 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Screenings will be held in the historic American Legion Hall with additional events at the auditorium of the City Water & Power Building, both located downtown."

A preview of select films was held at the Jan 7th Spaced Invaders First Friday after party, including "Perils in Nude Modeling" and Day Off The Dead.

While it's great that this film fest is available to us desert dwellers, it seems to be asking the artily-inclined to choose between the First Friday offerings in Vegas and the first day of films in Boulder City, both on the 4th. But really, is it so bad to have too much of a good thing? Ponder that and know that ticket prices, film schedule and list of events are all to be found on the site.

Also The Silver State and The Big Friendly Corp. will be playing at Mateo's on the 4th as well.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Vegas Centennial Deadline for Artists

The deadline to sign up for the City of 100 Murals Las Vegas Centennial project is Feb. 1, 2005. Artists don't have to have any project ideas or sites identified at this time. But they should submit an application if they would like to be considered a candidate.

The contact is: Markus Tracy (702) 229-4613 or mtracy@lasvegasnevada.gov. He is the director of the project and can answer any questions anyone may have.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

3rd Thursday Reports: From LVAC and CityLife

A week ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the first 3rd Thursday presentation, which was a collector's forum. It was a regular who's-who of local arts people, including writer Kelle Schillaci who posted her review of the night's speakers and the Rauschenberg exhibition. It was a good night with a lot of promise. So here's my report, complete with strange bits of text that the 'blogger' website insists on adding.

If a year ago a betting person had said that affluent Vegas collectors would be speaking to a standing room-only crowd in a large for-profit gallery full of Robert Rauschenberg paintings on Main Street, most would have said that the odds were against them. But the first monthly 3rd Thursday forum, organized by Godt-Cleary and Dust Gallery, continues to demonstrate the Arts District’s evolution. Unlike 1st Friday, which is an arts district-wide event, this evening was solely the production of the two galleries. Setting the high-societal tone was the Bentley Continental GT parked on the street, the Godt-Cleary doorman checking RSVPs, and the Collector's Guide to Working with Art Dealers on every seat in the gallery.

The estimated 100 attendees were a mix that included local intelligentsia, artists, art lovers, representatives of the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, The Las Vegas Art Museum, the Contemporary Arts Collective Las Vegas, and at least one liberal agitator (more on him later). The forum itself was heavy with casino execs, in part because scheduled speakers Lee Cagley (landscape architect) and Steven Molasky (realty and mortgage) were unable to attend.

The speakers were Executive V. P. of Design for Wynn Design and Development Roger Thomas, Mandalay Resort Group President and CFO Glenn Schaeffer, MGM-Mirage President and CFO Jim Murren, Patrick Duffy of Rhodes Homes, and Wally Goodman, who is just fabulously well off.

After Naomi Arin of Dust Gallery introduced the panelists, the session started with Roger Thomas. As a life-long resident of Vegas, he first touched upon the fact that Vegas had never been a city to collect in, and saw “collecting as an excuse for traveling.” He was also the first of several of the collectors to talk of the phases of collecting that he went through, with his latest collection being the result of a previous purge of most of his prior acquisitions. Also, he touched upon an immediate attraction to a piece followed by his educating himself on context, history, and exploration of that work’s style or aesthetic.

Glenn Schaeffer spoke next and noted that Godt-Cleary “was doing much better in a Downtown location.” It’s true that it would have been hard to imagine the night’s event and the same crowd attending at the former Mandalay Bay location. He touched upon the art market as one marked with inefficiencies that benefited the dedicated collector/investor.

Continuing the theme of art as investment, Jim Murren spoke of his purchases with an eye towards investment as well as personal appreciation. He added to his collecting remarks by detailing his arts background before entering into business, of being a painter and an art history major while attending college.

Patrick Duffy (not of Dallas fame) and Walter Goodman ended the introductions. Patrick detailed his life prior to meeting Walter, and noted his lack of exposure to art with a story of a 1991 visit of theirs to the Frick in NYC as his first time in a museum. But he nurtured his late blooming appreciation for art, saying, “collecting to me is so very much a part of every breath I take.” Acquiring works turned into an appreciation for those gallery staff that help aid in collecting, adding that these gallerists were critical in finding works that weren’t just liked, but loved. “Acquire through a gallerist, an auction house; if you attempt to do the art of the deal, you’ve missed the point.”

Walter Goodman was the last to speak and would have been served best by a microphone. His engaging and humorous anecdotes made up for his lack of volume. He spoke of his passion for collection (which he has been doing since age 14) and was adamant about collecting for love, not investment. His observation that when buying for name only, “all that means is that you have a Reubens – well, screw that!” was a crowd favorite.

At the end, Michele Quinn directed the conversations between the individual collectors. It looked as though the crowd would have liked to have participated more, but a tangential tone was set almost immediately by an audience participant. A gent with an axe to grind with the casino execs brought up his unhappiness with their lack of architectural preservation, which had nothing to do with the entire night’s presentation. Michele then redirected the conversation on-topic until its end.

The promise of nights like this is that affluent, passionate collectors will build the local arts community and aid in its success. That was a common thread with Wally Goodman and Patrick Duffy, who commented on their belief that collecting needs to engage with local artists and galleries. The evening’s event was an encouraging one that shows that there are locals who have not only the interest to support the Vegas arts community, but the means and desire to get results.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright! "Dray's Paint Party" and "Magnetic Celadon"

More cut-and-paste reporting, with emails from Dray of Dray's Place and musical Meat over Moscow folks.

"Paint Party and get together with fellow artists and friends at Dray's Place
Art Gallery Saturday, January 29th 2005
In the Arts District.
1300 S. Casino Center., Suite 5
Two blocks South of Charleston and one block East of Main St.
12noon until the sun goes down.
702 384-9674

This event will take place outside.

Things to bring:
Something to paint on.
Paint. We will have "some" supplies available but it would be best to bring
your own your talent. If you dont have talent then just bring your smile.
And what ever it is you drink.

We will be firing up the grill!! Hope to see you there.


"Magnetic Celadon is a monthly night of visual and auditory exploration with local and national experimental and avant garde artists.

Saturday January 29, 2005 (9pm - 1am) 4560 Donovan Way NLV Unit A

The experiment this month will include Meat Over Moscow (Bipolar Experimental), Waste Management (Improvisational Noise), Dragon Orb (Ambient, Dark Wave), DJ Russel Scott (Experimental Nightmare Soundtracks), and DJ Peter Pendragon (Glitch / Drum + Space).

Visuals by Feather


The directions to the venue is as follows:

93/I-15 North to Craig.

Left (West) on Craig

Right on Donovan (Gas station is on corner)

Pass Hotel on Right

Look for Commercial building on right side.

Look for Unit A (front of building)

We may have some sign or glowstick outside indicating the location.

4560 Donovan Way North Las Vegas, NV

Another view from the morgue..."

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Loads of News from the CAC

From the Contemporary Arts Collective Las Vegas mailing list, lots of news...

New location in Arts District
now renting space for Artist Studios
and Galleries. If you are interested
in seeing these spaces please call


DUST Gallery & Godt-Cleary Projects present Third Thursdays!!

As an addition to the downtown art experience, every third Thursday of each month, Dust and Godt-Cleary Projects will be presenting a series of presentations, performances and discussions related to the visual and performing arts. We feel that an ongoing dialogue surrounding the arts is vital to the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art in all its forms, including the visual arts, dance, fashion and music.

Our first presentation on January 20, from 6-8 pm at Godt-Cleary Projects, will be a Collector's Forum, a discussion with local collectors and the intellect and passion behind their collections. Joining us will be:
.. Glenn Schaeffer
.. Roger Thomas
.. Patrick Duffy and Wally Goodman
.. Lee Cagley
.. Steven Molasky

PLEASE RSVP to mquinn@godtcleary.com to attend

Feb 17: Alternate Spaces at DUST GALLERY (6-8 pm)

A discussion on curating within the context of alternative exhibition spaces by Lia Gangitano, the Director of Participant, Inc., an alternative non-profit art space located in New York's Lower East Side.

Mar 17: Thunder Against 1,2,3 at Godt-Cleary Projects (6-8 pm)
A presentation of modern dance from New York City choreographer and performer Paz Tanjuaquio.

April 21: Art & Fashion Fusion at DUST Gallery (6-8 pm)

On view at DUST Gallery will be Cuban artist Alonso Mateo, and his Fashion Designer Series. Living and working in Mexico City, Mateo's large portraits of fashion designers comment upon the iconic status that fashion designers have garnered world-wide. In order to further place the exhibition in context, DUST and Godt-Cleary will be presenting a spring fashion show. More information to follow.

For more information, please contact:

Naomi Arin
Dust Gallery
1221 S. Main Street
(702) 324-5868

Michele Quinn
Godt-Cleary Projects
1217 S. Main Street
(702) 452-2200 tel


Centennial Artist Series

City of Las Vegas Gallery Features New Paintings
by Las Vegas Artist Susanne Forestieri

In honor of the city of Las Vegas’ Centennial celebration, the Cultural Affairs Division of the city’s Department of Leisure Services will feature exhibitions by some of Las Vegas’ finest artists throughout 2005. Works by painter Susanne Forestieri begin the series with the opening of Moving Pictures at the Charleston Heights Arts Center, 800 South Brush Street, on Friday, January 14. The public is invited to meet Forestieri at a free reception from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Call 229-4674 for information.

Forestieri, who has exhibited in the Las Vegas area for over a decade, is known for her figurative paintings. She says that the recently created oil paintings on display depict everyday, intimate moments in people’s lives when they reveal something about themselves that is real and precious. Small gestures and facial expressions reveal individuality. Pictorial space between and around figures describes emotional relationships as well as individual isolation. The artist encourages viewers to use their own imagination to interpret the images.

Forestieri attended the National Academy School of Fine Arts and Art Students League in New York City and Empire State College (State University of New York) and earned a BFA and a master’s from UNLV. She has earned numerous awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and Nevada Parks and Recreation Association award for Project of the Year.

The exhibition runs through March 13. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

CULT OF POTATO Exhibit comes to Las Vegas

The Contemporary Arts Collective is pleased to announce that the CULT OF POTATO Exhibit will be on display at their downtown art gallery from February 4 – March 5, 2005.

This exhibit will be presented by the International Potato Arts Collective, founded by Missouri artist Jeffrey Allen Price. This show kicks off a world tour, which includes St. Louis, Long Island, and Rotterdam, Holland. The show will consist of mixed media installation and wall work. The potato-centric collective, whose muse is the Solanum tuberosum, includes artists Andrea Avery, California artist Rebecca Stees, and potato guru Jeffrey Allen Price.

The Contemporary Arts Collective is located at 101 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 101, in the famous Arts Factory on the corner of Main Street and Casino Center, in the Downtown Arts District in Las Vegas. Show dates are February 4 – March 5, 2005. Gallery hours are Tues. - Sat., noon – 4:00 p.m. An Artists' Opening Reception will be held on First Friday, February 4th, from 6-10pm, and an artists’ closing reception will be held March 5, 2005, from 6-10 pm.

A free Sunday brunch and artists’ talk will be held at the gallery on Sunday, February 6, from noon – 2pm, where the public will be able to hear a short talk about the work on display, and ask the artists questions about the exhibit.

For more information, please call the Gallery Director, Natalia Ortiz, at (702) 382-3886, or Laura Alvidrez at 221-6924.

The CAC is funded in part by the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, and by the National Endowment for the arts, a federal agency.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

But You Haven't Been Writing That Much!

It's time for the author to take a brief break from the site. While I may not be writing much, photo-posts may be showing up. In celebration of the second anniversary of Guggenheim Las Vegas's closing, I may be posting pictures of the exhibition and installation I took while employed there. My ego is in direct proportion to my daily visits, so there will be also a campaign of LVAC business cards scattered around town to get more people aware of the site and make me happy. If anyone is interested, email me and cards may be made available to you as well.

Also, I'm nursing some wounds brought on by my own procrastination. Late November '04 I interviewed Tricia Owen of JuxtaposeFantasy, only to have Josh Bell publish his interview first in the Jan. 6, 2005 Las Vegas Weekly. The interview I did with her was a good one, so I'm hoping to finish transcribing it and have it posted in the near future. I have another pay-to-write gig in the brewing, and I don't want to miss that as well.

With the city's centennial, new developments in the Arts District, and other things a-brewing, there will be loads to write about. Look forward in February to new posts. In the meantime, check out the archives, visit some links on the side, and know that I still love you all quite a bit.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This Literally Rocks! The First Annual First Friday Experimental Marching Band

The Las Vegas Community Artists Group LLC Yahoo group announces one of the coolest things to come to First Fridays since . . . Fridays!

"Join LVEXPERIMENTAL (Yahoo! Group) for the first annual first friday experimental marching band parade!

Bring any portable or unportable instrument and join us for a march around first friday festivities this friday jan 7th.

Costumes are encouraged and afterwards if you want to stick around we will hang out and march over to Spaced Invaders if we really wish to have an experimental marching band drink off.

Just remember to bring an instrument (broken if you want), a costume, and comfortable shoes and let's get this marching jam started!"

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Busy Brothers: George Jr. and Phil Maloof

This is slightly old news (Early December '04) but it's good stuff. George and Phil Maloof are looking to expand their empire by adding movie mogul to their resumes. From the Ain't It Cool News film/fan website...

"The Maloof brothers, owners of Las Vegas' the Palms and the NBA's Sacramento Kings, are launching Maloof Motion Pictures. At work on their first slate of projects, the Maloofs are teaming with Penny Marshall on a period basketball feature. The film, which Marshall will produce and direct, is based on an idea by Xavier Mitchell and concerns New York City's basketball court, Rucker Park. James Ellroy, meanwhile, is on board to adapt a crime drama based on the real-life experiences of noted LAPD firearms expert Richard Smith. The Maloofs have acquired Smith's life rights. Smith's story has been featured in a number of articles and television magazines."

The 2004 pre-season guide for the Sacramento Kings is strangely informative, with additional info on the upcoming Maloof businesses.

"The Maloofs will continue to expand their business in the entertainment industry this year with the development of Maloof Music, Maloof Television, and Maloof Motion Pictures. Working in conjunction with MGM Television Entertainment and its President Hank Cohen, Maloof Television and Maloof Motion Pictures are committed to developing and producing quality television and motion picture entertainment. The Maloof Music label debuts as a joint venture with Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records, which is the largest record company in the world under the direction of chairman and legendary music mogul Jimmy Iovine. In fact, Maloof Music is the first joint venture with Interscope/Geffen/A&M without a previous music industry background such as an artist, writer, or producer.

"Our family is extremely excited to broaden our entertainment interests through Maloof Television, Maloof Motion Pictures and Maloof Music,"states Phil Maloof. "We are very fortunate to work with two of the industry giants in Jimmy Iovine and Hank Cohen. We look forward to producing quality entertainment in television, motion pictures, and music."

Colleen Maloof serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maloof Companies. Joe Maloof is president of the corporation and oversees the banking and sports and entertainment divisions, while Gavin Maloof is vice chairman, also leading the sports and entertainment daily operation. George Maloof, Jr., is an executive vice president and heads the hotel division, and Adrienne Maloof is the secretary/treasurer of the company. Phil Maloof is an executive vice president and the point person for Maloof Music, Maloof Television, and Maloof Motion Pictures."

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