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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

But You Haven't Been Writing That Much!

It's time for the author to take a brief break from the site. While I may not be writing much, photo-posts may be showing up. In celebration of the second anniversary of Guggenheim Las Vegas's closing, I may be posting pictures of the exhibition and installation I took while employed there. My ego is in direct proportion to my daily visits, so there will be also a campaign of LVAC business cards scattered around town to get more people aware of the site and make me happy. If anyone is interested, email me and cards may be made available to you as well.

Also, I'm nursing some wounds brought on by my own procrastination. Late November '04 I interviewed Tricia Owen of JuxtaposeFantasy, only to have Josh Bell publish his interview first in the Jan. 6, 2005 Las Vegas Weekly. The interview I did with her was a good one, so I'm hoping to finish transcribing it and have it posted in the near future. I have another pay-to-write gig in the brewing, and I don't want to miss that as well.

With the city's centennial, new developments in the Arts District, and other things a-brewing, there will be loads to write about. Look forward in February to new posts. In the meantime, check out the archives, visit some links on the side, and know that I still love you all quite a bit.

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