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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Busy Brothers: George Jr. and Phil Maloof

This is slightly old news (Early December '04) but it's good stuff. George and Phil Maloof are looking to expand their empire by adding movie mogul to their resumes. From the Ain't It Cool News film/fan website...

"The Maloof brothers, owners of Las Vegas' the Palms and the NBA's Sacramento Kings, are launching Maloof Motion Pictures. At work on their first slate of projects, the Maloofs are teaming with Penny Marshall on a period basketball feature. The film, which Marshall will produce and direct, is based on an idea by Xavier Mitchell and concerns New York City's basketball court, Rucker Park. James Ellroy, meanwhile, is on board to adapt a crime drama based on the real-life experiences of noted LAPD firearms expert Richard Smith. The Maloofs have acquired Smith's life rights. Smith's story has been featured in a number of articles and television magazines."

The 2004 pre-season guide for the Sacramento Kings is strangely informative, with additional info on the upcoming Maloof businesses.

"The Maloofs will continue to expand their business in the entertainment industry this year with the development of Maloof Music, Maloof Television, and Maloof Motion Pictures. Working in conjunction with MGM Television Entertainment and its President Hank Cohen, Maloof Television and Maloof Motion Pictures are committed to developing and producing quality television and motion picture entertainment. The Maloof Music label debuts as a joint venture with Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records, which is the largest record company in the world under the direction of chairman and legendary music mogul Jimmy Iovine. In fact, Maloof Music is the first joint venture with Interscope/Geffen/A&M without a previous music industry background such as an artist, writer, or producer.

"Our family is extremely excited to broaden our entertainment interests through Maloof Television, Maloof Motion Pictures and Maloof Music,"states Phil Maloof. "We are very fortunate to work with two of the industry giants in Jimmy Iovine and Hank Cohen. We look forward to producing quality entertainment in television, motion pictures, and music."

Colleen Maloof serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Maloof Companies. Joe Maloof is president of the corporation and oversees the banking and sports and entertainment divisions, while Gavin Maloof is vice chairman, also leading the sports and entertainment daily operation. George Maloof, Jr., is an executive vice president and heads the hotel division, and Adrienne Maloof is the secretary/treasurer of the company. Phil Maloof is an executive vice president and the point person for Maloof Music, Maloof Television, and Maloof Motion Pictures."

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