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Monday, April 11, 2005

Thank You, Jon Stewart

Thanks to the Daily Show, it has been brought to this website's attention that Newt Gingrich will be speaking at the Silverton Hotel and Casino.

The former Speaker of the House will be at the Hideaway Theater on April 14th, before Twisted Sister and after John Kay and Steppenwolf. If you feel like posing some questions to Newt, PBS's Frontline website The Long March of Newt Gingrich is a good starting point. Visit the Chronology Page for great tidbits, such as:

June 19, 1962 - Newt marries Jackie Battley (the geometry teacher he met attending high school).

1966-1970 - At Tulane, he indulges in mild counter-culture behavior, including a protest against the administration for banning "obscene" photos in the school paper. He becomes a fan of Alvin and Heidi Toffler and experiments with marijuana. Gets draft deferment because of school and children (flat feet and near-sightedness also probably would have kept him out).

August 1981 - Newt marries Marianne Ginther, a personnel clerk with the Secret Service.

Unfortunately, the chronology ends at 1998. Otherwise it might have covered his 1999 affair with Callista Bisek, a 33-year-old Congressional aide. Typifying the conservative ideology of fidelity and family (he was a major proponent of Bill Clinton's impeachment), he announced to his second wife his intention to divorce her while she was celebrating her mother's 84th birthday in July.

So, when you see Newt, give him a wink and a nod. Because he's in Vegas and he likes the ladies.

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