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Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Galleries and Artist Spaces Courtesy of Cindy Funkhouser & Friends

Want to know about the latest Downtown art developments? The March issue of Las Vegas Life has a great article about Cindy Funkhouser (FunkHouse, Whirlygig Inc.), Naomi Arin (Dust Gallery) and Julie Brewer (also Whirlygig Inc.). Their latest venture is gallery/artist rental spaces at 1551 S. Commerce St. The article details the plans for the new property, as well as an additional arts property. It's a bit unfortunate that these new projects are so far away from The Arts Factory and galleries that make up the core of the arts district. While this dilutes the concentration of arts-related businesses in that area, the addition of these new projects can only be a benefit to the local arts scene.

Bonus link: Click here to see what the new building looks like from the sky.

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