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Thursday, March 03, 2005

We Like Museums, Museums That Go Boom!

The coolest museum in Las Vegas is not about Liberace, or Elvis, or even the city itself. It is about the splitting of atomic nuclei for military and scientific purposes. Sounds dry? Atomic Testing Museum's 8,000 square foot gallery is a visual explosion, full of pop culture paraphernalia, left-over testing equipment, and innovative computer kiosks. Some of the video presentations include parts of Duck and Cover and A is for Atom (which are amongst the many atomic movies available for free download at the Internet Archive). When you have defense contractors as your benefactors, you can throw lots of money at a museum, and this museum looks like a million bucks. The Las Vegas City Life has a moderately informative review of the museum by yours truly.

The article doesn't do the museum justice in describing the visual impact of the place, so fortunately for you, here is the Atomic Testing Museum's Photos Page.

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