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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Spores w/ Molly McGuire at the Double Down, Vacation (All I Even Wanted)

So I'm reading Sin City Sounds and one of the bands listed to play is The Spores with Molly McGuire. Being a former New Orleans resident, I got to see a two-piece that she used to front named Rhudabega. The band was great and she was a phenomenal performer, throwing down on her bass guitar.

Your Local Scene has an interview with her, and the band website has songs available here. The Spores at the Double Down and the Voodoo Organist at the Aristocrat both coincide with a vacation, so I get to miss both of those bands.

Speaking of vacation, I'm going on one. Which means one or two more articles before Saturday and new ones on my return. I know I've been slack on writing lately, which is sad because I went to the first day of the Dam Short Film Fest, and got a press tour of the Atomic Testing Museum, both of which were great.

So, I resolve to write more about the goings-on in our fair town! . . . After I get back.

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