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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bored, Chain-Smoking Lezzie Hookers! Emotionally Unavailable, Amazonian Love-Objects! and More at the Artisan

From Figler Media and Consulting (figlermedia@earthlink.net) comes news of a literate lesbian invasion at The Artisan Hotel!!!

"Two book tours converge into one in Las Vegas on
Monday, March 21st, 2005, at 7 PM at the fabulous
Artisan Hotel.   The Contemporary Arts Collective, in
conjunction with Dayvid Figler, present Michelle Tea &
Laurenn McCubbin supporting their new collaboration, Rent Girl, and Ali Liebegott and her newest work, The Beautifully Worthless.  (Michelle Tea will be instantly recognizable to those who saw the old Sister Spit shows at the Double Down as the host of that raucous event). Opening the program with an acoustic set will be Paige (lead singer of The Clydesdale). The Artisan Hotel is located near the intersection of I-15 and Sahara Avenue on the east side.

MICHELLE TEA & LAURENN MCCUBBIN do show 'n' tell from their collaborative publishing project, RENT GIRL (Last Gasp). Hear Michelle read true tales of one broke-ass baby dyke down the rabbit-hole of the sex industry! See slides of Laurenn's illustrations--bored, chain-smoking lezzie hookers! emotionally unavailable, Amazonian love-objects! drug-dealing teenaged bulldaggers! weird, germaphobic tricks! You will guffaw heartily, and also indulge in a voyeuristic pleasure you may later be ashamed of. It's okay.


ALI LIEBEGOTT reads from her epic road poem, THE
BEAUTIFULLY WORTHLESS (Suspect Thoughts Press)
, wherein a melancholy queer girl throws her dalmatian in the pickup and hits the road, in search of a mythical American town that has banished sadness. The odometer clicks, the poetry
spins, the letters get sent home to an abandoned girlfriend, beers are drunk in seedy roadside hotels, terrified naps are stolen at rest stops, bat-infested caves are explored and the fifteen-year-old boy running the cave gets stalked by our hero. Some will crack a rib from laughter; others will weep from the pure elegance of Ali's verse. Those with a wide emotional range may do both.

Excerpts of The Beautifully Worthless - Ali Liebegott - Lodestar Quarterly

Please come and see our show. Books will be for sale, and a swell time had by all."

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