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Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Barrick Museum at UNLV will be saved!!!

Its official the Marjorie Barrick Museum at the University of Nevada Las Vegas will be saved from shuttering its doors next year. The museum had lost its state funding during the massive cutbacks that took place at last legislative biennium. Thanks to some forward and creative thinking people, the College of Fine Arts will be taking over the historic museum and bring new hope to one of the crown jewels of UNLV.

The museum will stay housed in it's current location just East of the massive Lied Library inside the universities original gymnasium. While housing important Anthropological and Archaeological collections the museum will be continuing its path in offering more visual arts exhibitions. The museums program director Aurore Giguet has been very active in bringing new audiences to the museum with new and exciting exhibitions. With this new focus adding to the overall experience at the museum, they are definitly creating a must see destination in the heart of the university campus.

As a graduate from the Department of Anthropology many moons ago, I am personally excited for the Barrick Museum considering that was the first museum I ever laid my hands on as a young student. Who knows maybe the College of Fine Arts can restart what my mentor Dr. Vicky Cassman tried to establish 12 years ago: a bonafide Museum Studies Program. Goodness knows there is a desperate need for qualified museum professionals to work at the many new and exciting museums that are being built in Southern Nevada.

I would like to personally like to congratulation Aurore Giguet and her amazing staff for this fabulous news!

Here is the press release that was sent just a few hours ago...

November 29, 2011
Contact: Jennifer Vaughan, 702/895-1575

UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum to Transition from
Harry Reid Center to College of Fine Arts

Las Vegas, Nev. – The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum is pleased to announce that it will transition from the Harry Reid Center to join the College of Fine Arts, led by Dean Jeffrey Koep, effective immediately.

“This move establishes a clear focus for the Barrick Museum combined with long-term sustainable support desperately needed in these challenging times,” said Oliver Hemmers, director of the Harry Reid Center.

“As many have noted, the Barrick Museum has begun a transformation to exhibiting more and more visual art. Joining the college will allow the museum to continue in this direction and create a synergy between it and the other UNLV galleries, such as the Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery,” said Koep. “It will create the opportunity to expand our exhibition schedule to the benefit of our students and the residents of Southern Nevada.”

The Marjorie Barrick Museum was founded in 1969 to promote a better understanding of life –past and present – in the American Southwest, Mesoamerica, and their environs. It includes the Mannetta Braunstein Research Library, which is focused on the history of art, architecture, and archaeology of Mesoamerica and general museum studies.

“In addition, the fabulous collection of Pre-Columbian Art and Artifacts generously gifted by Mannetta Braunstein to UNLV will be able to be more fully utilized by students and scholars,” continued Koep.

“I believe the Barrick Museum will flourish and become a destination for not only Las Vegas residents, but visitors to our wonderful city. I know Marjorie Barrick, who did so much to enhance learning at UNLV and Southern Nevada, would be pleased to see her legacy carried forward in this manner.”

Jennifer Vaughan
College of Fine Arts &
Performing Arts Center
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
P: 702/895-1575
C: 702/326-0566
F: 702/895-4194

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