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Monday, November 28, 2011

Danny Wright: A pianist with a passion for the future...

Pianist Danny Wright
There is nothing more heartwarming than to sit down and have a conversation with someone who has embraced Las Vegas and its culture as quickly as pianist Danny Wright has. I have met many people who come to our community and dispel it as a cultureless wasteland covered in neon, but not Danny. In a brief two years, the Fort Worth Texas native, came to Las Vegas and fell in love with his new home. He quickly realized that Las Vegas is not what many outsiders would have you believe. That despite the rumors, Las Vegas actually does have a heart and soul and its a place to call home.

Brought out to Las Vegas to open the Aria Hotel and Casino at City Center, Danny became part of a very exclusive club of performers to headline the world famous Las Vegas Strip. With passion and faith in his heart, Danny's desire is not just to perform on this most recognized strip of road but also to leave a positive mark in his new home.

Using his talent as an accomplished pianist he embarked on a noble cause to help Las Vegas' school children attend musical performances. Danny understands, as all of us do in the arts, that a well rounded education has to include the cultural arts. Children when exposed to the arts, especially music, do better in school and are better prepared for the outside world than children who are not. In addition to helping children, he also brings his music to seniors in assisted living centers and to hospitals. With a keen understanding of the healing power of music he knows that the sounds he creates with a piano can only enhance the lives of those with ailments and disabilities.

This year Danny embarked on his greatest endeavor yet, the founding of the Danny Wright Foundation of Music. The goal of the foundation is to bring a "program with partnerships to present and implement music programs and cultural arts for the community “Healing the planet one heart at a time. Dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of all people with the appreciation and understanding of the healing power of music. Helping people the Wright way is the mission of the foundation."

Through this foundation Danny hopes to accomplish many exciting things that will not just help elevate Las Vegas to new heights but leave an indelible mark on the future of our community. I suspect that such an accomplished musician, with amazing energy and passion like Danny Wright will have no problem doing this and many more great things for this radiant city we call home.

On December 2nd, Danny will be having a special concert to help further his cause. With a list of well known local performers and personalities Friday evenings show at the Historic Binion's Hotel and Casino in Downtown will definitely be a night to remember. I look at it as the perfect way to start the holidays with style by giving to a great and noble cause.

For more information about the Danny Wright Foundation of Music please visit -  http://www.dw-foundation.org/


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