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Monday, November 21, 2011

A new contemporary art gallery opens in 18b...

Sometimes the word serendipity comes to mind when you stumble upon situations that create that perfect moment when all the stars align and harmony comes to the senses. Well that moment happened Saturday evening upon my arrival at The Lady Silvia for the Iowa Writers Workshop. No less than a second upon entering the doors I was immediately drawn by the bright white light that was permeating from an opening through what is usually a dark wood paneled hallway. To my surprise I was greeted by an art exhibition of the works by Wess Dahl-Berg. This exhibition marks the first art gallery show at Soho Lofts since Naomi Arin Contemporary Art shuttered its doors in 2009.

Not just was it exciting to see an art gallery return to Soho Lofts but it was delightful to speak to the artist himself and the proprietor of the gallery Amanda Harris. Just getting the opportunity to speak to Wess made my evening, and musing with his collection left me artistically fulfilled. Not just is Wess an amazing artist but he is also an art theorist and his book Highbrow Shamanism: A vision quest for the intrinsic value of art is a tome to his theories about art and society. So stay tuned for my review on that subject.

With a new art gallery gracing the first floor of Soho Lofts this is definitely more positive news for Downtown and the growing arts district.

Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art is still working out the days and times they will be open so as soon as its solidified I will post it. If you just happen to be at the Lady Silvia you may get lucky with a sneak peek at the gallery and the wonderful treasures inside.

For more information about Wess Dahl-Berg - http://www.wessdahlberg.com/
For more information about The Lady Silvia - http://www.theladysilvia.com

Wess Dahl-Berg stands with his collection
@ Amanda Harris Gallery of
Contemporary Art
This collection must be seen up close to truly
understand what you are looking at... Its pretty amazing...

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