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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shark Toof rockin Joseph Watson Gallery...

I am so excited about the Oh... Nature at Joseph Watson Gallery inside the Arts Factory that I couldn't wait to blog about. So I am sitting inside Bar + Bistro blogging LIVE!!!

Here is a photo preview and artist statement... Enjoy...

OHH...NATURE is an exploration in the expression itself. The expression implies an open interpretation of Shark Toof’s recent paintings from his feature in Portsmouth Museum of Art's 'Street A.K.A. Museum' Exhibition, 'Nature Will Always Win,' solo exhibition at LeBasse Projects in Los Angeles, and 'Album Of Nature,' solo Exhibition at ABV Gallery in Atlanta Georgia. OHH...NATURE points the finger at nature addressing the question of where do we come from, our connection with all living things, and our inner voice. Through dense layers of line, painterly rendering, graffiti tags, spraypaint stenciling, and nostalgic imagery these questions are pronounced.

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