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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Artist and Photographer Diane Bush presents “SMEAR and LOATHING”

Artist Channels Political Angst into Satire, Fun, and Art

“SMEAR and LOATHING” performance invites the public to make art

On Saturday, Oct 16, at 12:30pm – 2pm, Local photographer, Diane Bush, is inviting the public to help her create art, while having a playful “dig” at a few selected Nevada political figures. Reacting to FOX News “Fear and Hate” style of entertainment, Ms. Bush will be inviting the public to channel their negative emotions at a free, all-ages carnival style performance, including Uncle Sam, Besty Ross, and other patriotic delights. Participants will be invited to create abstract art using bleach to “SMEAR” 8 x 10 photos of Gibbons, Ensign, and other Nevada political figures. Later, the resulting images will be “tiled” into a collage which the artist will install in the window of the Contemporary Arts Center, facing E. Charleston Blvd. The BISTRO will be selling hot-dogs, apple pie, and other American fare. This performance will take place on the North-West corner of E. Charleston Blvd. and Casino Center (now called Art Way), in the BISTRO courtyard, with plenty of free parking available.

This performance is part of the Contemporary Arts Center’s second annual OFF THE STRIP series of performance art. Ms Bush was only one of the two local artists invited to partake in the international juried performance series. To see the full schedule of performance art scheduled over the 4 day event go to    
www.offthestrip.org or www.lasvegascac.org

Throwing bleach on color photographs is a technique developed by Diane Bush in 2005 when she was trying to depict the violence of the Iraqi War. The technique was carried to fruition in her “WARHEADS” work and resulting monograph (KuDa Editions 2006). To see more of this work go to Diane’s website:
www.dianebush.net. To see information about her “WARHEADS” book, go to www.photoeye.com.

In 2008, Ms Bush presented a similar street theater event where the public was invited to “IM-BLEACH” a large mural size photo of George W. Bush. A video of that event can be seen on Youtube or this link:

In response to the 2008 event and video, Ms. Bush explains that “experimental and alternative performance art is lacking in Las Vegas, as compared to other cities” (she has lived in) “probably because there is so much commercial performance art here. The Contemporary Arts Center is the only organization who has welcomed this type of art, from their start, over 20 years ago, and they are still the only organization providing Las Vegas with this important means of expression.”

Diane Bush, artist/photographer
tel: (702) 234-3269, (702)-795-1722
e-mail dianebush@cox.net
web :
facebook: Diane Bush

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