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Friday, April 29, 2005

Las Vegas Mod: First Meeting, Aruba Hotel Tour

What started out as the first meeting of the Las Vegas Modern Committee (LV ModCom) in a Henderson Barnes and Noble ended with drinks, cigarettes, swing dancers, and a tour of the Aruba Hotel & Spa (formerly the Thunderbird Hotel) on the Vegas Strip.

Last week, the Friday night meeting went well, with new people trying to feel out their common interest. Lawyers, city employees, writers, and other like-minded folks were there. Hosts for the evening were group founders Jonathon Foerstal and Mary-Margaret Stratton, both who post on Lotta Living.

After the meeting ended, a lot of the group met up at the Aruba. There was a swing dancing night which made for a nice background and an added bonus was getting an impromptu tour of the place by the manager of the hotel. Very nice guy, loads of stories. In addition to LV Mod attendees, Jarret Keene and Joshua Ellis were on hand. Articles on the meeting should be appearing in Las Vegas Life and Las Vegas City Life.

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