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Monday, August 30, 2004

So Long, Farewell: Last Call at the Algiers

The Algiers Hotel had its closing party. The music was loud, the drinks mighty strong, and the bar crowded. Cruising around the hotel's hallways, both party goers and non-partiers had rented rooms.

Room 202 had taped to its door a picture of musician Wesley Willis and an ad for shooting a machine gun. Further down the hallway, three small children had their room door open, wondering what all the noise was about. The girls that had rented 222 were not happy there wasn't any porn to be had on the TV. In the bar, anyone that had been hugged by departing musician Amy Carrelli could be spotted by the glitter she left behind on them. She pointed out DJ Korby Roxtar, who is much shorter than one would think. And the following is true, in which your intrepid reporter met a longtime patron and his wife.

David (wearing a sweet Algiers shirt): ...I've had a room here for the last ten years.

Author: Really?

David: Yes, mainly use it for holidays... I have a house here, but I haven't been home in 5 days. Just to feed the dogs. I have two poodles.

David reported that the Algiers will be donating most of its furnishings to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Later on that evening, David made a request...

David (pointing across the bar): ??? ????? ???? ????

Author: OK...???

Author walks to other side of bar...

Author: Hi, your husband sent me over to ask you a question, but I couldn't understand it.

Wife: He probably wants a hundred dollars and a drink.

Author: Oh, what do you want me to tell him?

Wife: Tell him I couldn't hear you because of the music.

David's very sweet and nice wife's name is Fawn and she works at the Algiers. She confirmed that a liquidation company would be dealing with the hotel's goods and the proceeds would be going towards Make-A-Wish. She didn't know how people would find out about the sale. Back to David...

Author: She said you could have the drink, but not the money.

David: Go tell her to fuck herself.

Back to Fawn...

Author: He told me to tell you something very rude.

Fawn: Well, I did marry a real son of a gun.

Later on in the evening at the DJ booth, Fawn was asked if she wanted to make out with DJ Warren Prewitt the 3rd. She declined. Outside the bar was a sweet black and red '50 Ford with a skull in the grill and small spikes on the side. Former Latest Flames musician Grant Larsen was outside as well and said that he had formed a new band and was playing at local bars.

And that was Friday night at the Algiers. The condo complex that will replace the hotel is said to have a bar at the top, to be named after the hotel it demolished. It probably won't have David buying drinks and playing video poker at the bar, and that's a shame.

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