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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Support the Arts, Get Burning Man Tickets?

A large man will once again be burned and many will celebrate. And a cheap 21 bucks may get you entry to the that temporary city in the desert. The Las Vegas Community Artists Group LLC (www.vegasartists.com/charter.html) has found itself in possession of 2 Burning Man (www.burningman.com) tickets and is using them with permission to raise funds for future projects. The LVCAG site tells the tale of the tickets.

"Here's the story behind this: One of our burners, who shall remain
nameless, cannot go at this late date due to a work conflict, and
rather than sell their tickets they have very graciously gifted them
to the local Burner community with the goal being to raise funds for
local burner activities, and to enable someone else to go to
Burningman who otherwise might not be able to afford the tickets, (a
$330 value). This is a win-win situation for all concerned."

The raffle expires tonight (Monday, August 16th) at midnight, so go here (www.vegasartists.com/bmticketraffle.html) to apply for your chance to save some dough and get to visit Black Rock City.

But, you may ask, what the hell is the Las Vegas Community Artists Group LLC? Well, Cameron, (who you will read about in a moment) was nice enough to provide a little history of this recently formed group.

"The LVCAG was the formed around a campfire in March of 2004 by Cameron Grant & Mike Civerella, both Burningman types, who saw a need for a greater connectivity throughout the Las Vegas arts scene. So they decided to do a desert art event, sort of an "adult rave" for 21+ that included performance, art, and music. Though they had no idea just HOW they we're going to do this they nonetheless posted this idea to several of the local Vegas lists including both music and art lists. From that post they met Dan Akins who jumped on the idea based on what he'd seen in San Francisco when he lived there. These three formed the LVCAG and began plotting the future of a scene that they felt needed to happen here in Las Vegas...

...It seemed like most of the artists were to busy actually producing their art to go out and do PR for themselves, so in many cases no one other then their immediate friends knew what they were doing. So the LVCAG decided to fill that niche. The LVCAG exists to promote art of all kinds in the greater Las Vegas area, not just their own art, but everyone's art. They believe that if they do this, and if they continue to do it, then we will all prosper, and that they will simply better the scene for everyone, themselves included. Because quite frankly, we're all sick of driving to L.A. and San Francisco for killer events."

Ben Niebauer, aka Neosight, is a member, and a creator of damn fine art. A visit to his site will give a peak at previous works of his that have made it to the Burning Man celebration. Like the piece below, titled "Together."

This and other great images @ thenemu.com (www.thenemu.com/intro.html)

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