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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Destruction of More Vegas History: Let's Party

The loss of another Vegas landmark means PARTY!!! The Algiers Hotel will be making way for another ugly and hugely profitable high-rise condo. Hopefully this new one will be even uglier than the current crop at Turnberry Place. But before the closing of the Algiers on the 31st, the Algiers Cocktail Lounge will play host to its last party on Friday, August 27th. It's not just a going away party for the hotel, but a farewell party to former Pull-Out/Jupiter Shifter member Amy Carrelli.

The party, promoted by the Electric Whiskey folks, promises a great night. The DJs include Korby Roxtar, you know, "Las Vegas' only glamourous rock and roll deejay," Rob Ruckus and Warren Prewitt the 3rd. Attending the "Sonic Attack" will cost you 5 bucks, but you are guaranteed to see the best upstanding folks Vegas has to offer.

So, back to Amy. A self professed lover of Vegas who had made the promise to always live here, her reasons for leaving are hard to deny.

"...in spite of my loyalty to the sin city scene....I have to admit after living in LA for only three months - I have grown to love it... ...Every summer in Vegas it kills me more and more to have to sit inside all day during my favorite season in lieu of getting broiled just by taking a simple trip to the mailbox.  I left Jersey because of the cold winters, now I am ditching Vegas for the excruciating summers... ...I absolutely adore walking around....going to cafes, sitting outside with a book and not risk having a heat stroke..."

All hopes of creating a pedestrian cafe culture in Vegas will have to contend with the reality that this is a hot city!! As Amy can attest to.

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