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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

SantaCon Followup: Santa Sez. "Ho, Ho, Ho, There's No Snow..."

... and yet Santas and Elves made a night of it for SantaCon Vegas, a CacophonyNV event. With the success of last Friday, hope springs eternal for their next venture, a Zombie Attack Drill Day, to "highlight the need in our national security budgeting for zombie preparedness."

The following quotes and reports come from Santas that made it to SantaCon Vegas. Someone who was very good took the following photos and more and is sure to be rewarded this coming Christmas. Additional pictures may be found on the Santa Rampage page at VegasArtists.org.

PETA should take comfort knowing the new monorail took over reindeer duty for that night.

"While breaking to answer the call of nature, Elvis haphazardly stumbled onto Santa. Elvis appeared disturbed by the sight of Santa in the way that some people are spooked by the sight of circus clowns. He tried to run away from Santa. Being a huge fan, Santa wanted a picture with Elvis and no one back at the North Pole would believe that Santa met Elvis without one! With elves in tow and a blur of red, black, and white, Santa bounded after the King in hot pursuit. Santa got his picture, and though Elvis was eventually manipulated by holiday cheer into posing, a mental note was made to put Elvis on the "'Ain't gettin' jack'" list.

"While enjoying his beverages... ...Santa heard a sound he had never heard before... ...It was real, live, rock and roll music played by a real, live rock and roll band, right in the middle of the casino floor! ...he was thoroughly inebriated and ready to get his groove on. As he stumbled to the stage and started to shake it, tourists, casino workers, and the band members themselves pointed and laughed, then grew confused as Santa started multiplying on the dancefloor right before their very eyes! But the holiday spirit was too strong, and the spectators soon became participants. The dancefloor was packed with Santas, elves and tourists and though Santa's cheap suit was soaked with sweat, he still had enough juice for one last song... as the band tore through "Old Time Rock & Roll" with grins plastered across their faces, the singer offered her microphone to the crowd at the choruses as Santa gathered around the mic and belted out that old time "HO HO HO!!!!" along with the tune. Even if Mr. Bob Seger himself created a chorus of clones, he would have nothing on Santa's version!"

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