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Friday, January 30, 2004

LVAM to Host Evening of Art Discussion, Poetry Readings

From the Las Vegas Art Museum's website...

"On January 31st, 7pm, LVAM hosts five art critics/poets from New York City, as they meet in forum to discuss contemporary art and present a poetry reading.

Our guests are Donald Kuspit, one of America’s most distinguished art critics and author of more than 20 books concerning art, including The Rebirth of Painting in the Late 20th Century (2000); Carter Ratcliff, Contributing Editor of Art in America and Art on Paper; Robert C. Morgan, author of [among others] Between Modernism and Conceptual Art (1997) and The End of the Art World (1998); Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, publisher and editor of Cover Magazine [www.covermag.com]; and LVAM’s own Dr. James Mann, author of Manifesto of Vandalism."

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