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Friday, January 23, 2004

Christmas Comes to the LV Arts and Culture Site, courtesy of LV Life and Las Vegas Weekly

I couldn't find a way not to use first person for this article, sorry. Anyways...

Christmas came, too much food was had, and gifts were given. And one of the things that I got was a subscription to Las Vegas Life. So, I'm going through my new issue, with plans on recapping some of the articles, and I find my humble site listed in their "Media Box: Websites" section.

Got a nice writeup. While I try to post every 3 or 4 days, they were so kind that they made me more prolific than I actually am, writing "daily." But I was taken to task for typos... thypoes?... typeprose? Anyways, I apologize and place all the blame for previous punctuation errors and misspellings on my previous editor. He has now been fired. My current editor is starting to note all needed corrections, and even noticed a misused comma in the complimentary article about me. I'm starting to like having an editor.

So go out and buy Las Vegas Life; it's money well spent.

Las Vegas Weekly just put out an interview with myself. If I had known my feet were going to be in the picture, I would have worn shoes. They look huge.

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