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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A Rallying Cry for Art Cinema, Vegas Critic on the Movie that Never Came to Town

The Jan. 8-14 Las Vegas City Life had an op-ed call-to-arms by Matt Kelemen for those wishing for an art house cinema. "CityLife calls on the most passionate supporters of cinema to organize, begin considering locations, network with the money people... make it happen."

Vegas is not alone in its desire to have more indie movies available. The January 16th issue of Entertainment Weekly polled readers nationwide as to the movies they wished to see that never made it to their towns. Vegas-based critic and Moovees.com staffer Bill Payne added to the list with Lilja 4-ever.

While it is true that Vegas does need a true indie theater house, like the ones Landmark Theatres run, that's not to say there aren't movies to be seen in town. The Regal Entertainment Group has two Vegas-based theaters that participate in its "Regal Cinema Art" program. Both the Regal Colonnade 14 and the Regal Village Square 18, which is where Lost in Translation is now showing, and the fantastic Triplets of Belleville will be showing, are member theaters. So, while pining for a great art house cinema in downtown, go to the suburbs and see some great movies. And while there, grab the Regal Cinema's arts and independent movie flyer.

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