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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Israel: Real Art Criticism and Fake Art Students

Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel was kicked out of Sweden's Museum of National Antiquities after vandalizing an installation that included the image of suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat. The work by Israeli artist Dror Feiler was installed in preparation for the Stockholm International Forum on Preventing Genocide, Threats and Responsibilities to be held in the Swedish city Jan. 26th - 28th.

While there is no doubt about what happened in Sweden, conspiracy theorists have been tossing about the Israeli use of "art students" as a cover for spying on the US. Israel has spied on the US in the past, as the US has spied on most of its allies as well. But it is the inclusion of the roaming bands of starving artists that make this far-out idea so great. A collection of websites of varying credibility and objectivity including the Washington Post, Salon, and Insight Magazine have all written about the mystery art student phenomenon. Adding to the intrigue, a 4-part investigation on Israeli domestic spying by FOXNews reporter Carl Cameron remains online, but completely deleted.

So for those of you who need to pay for your art supplies, you may have a career opportunity that you never even knew was possible.

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