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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Dude has Arrived in Vegas

What the world needs is more bowling-and-pot related festivals. Lebowski Fest is a good start, founded by two friends who found the catalyst for the fest through random chance. From their FAQ... "One fateful July in 2002, Scott and Will were vending the Derby City Tattoo Expo and were spouting off lines from The Big Lebowski, and the other vendors around them began to join in. This created a sense of bonding and camaraderie never before experienced between complete strangers." And thus a celebration of bowling, pot, and the brothers Coen was born.

This year's event will be taking place in Vegas on Feb. 28th. Poizen Ivy reports on the Sin City Sounds mailing list that Lebowski Fest West is close to being sold out. A screening of the movie "The Big Lebowski" will be held at the Imperial Palace and bowling will be held at the Sunset Lanes. So put down the bong, and buy your tickets. Okay, everything's cool now... pick up the bong again.

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