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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Merry Christmas: Thanks for Reading, and Here's Your Christmas Gift

Everyone here at LV Arts and Culture, and when I say everyone I mean me, would like to say thanks to all the readers. I love all 8 of you. The site will be start posting new articles in the New Year.

It's just a break; I still plan on writing you. Until then, dig through the archives. Write me a letter. And, for your entertainment, I give you the following...

Do you know your art?, from the English newspaper The Guardian, tests your artistic knowledge. "A survey has found that the British are a nation of art illiterates. Can you tell your Monet from your Van Gogh?" Well, let's show those Brits how good Americans know their art. Yeah, go Thomas Kinkade!

And, just go to the bottom of ArtDaily.com's webpage for a word jumble.

Happy Holidays! And see you in the New Year.

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