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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Record Store Girls

The movie "High Fidelity" captured the used-music store experience perfectly, with one exception. In Vegas, the people are prettier. As funny as he is, Jack Black is not a great looking guy. That's where Big B's has them beat. The boys and girls of Vegas' best music store have the sweet-lookin' indie music lover thing down pat. So, while the Onion has the entire country in love with an Athens, GA-based record-store girl, Vegas has its own musical cutie girls and boys. In addition to the staff's vast knowledge of arcane indie music, salesgirl Orange Sheila has some musical chops and a CD to prove it. There are links to music to be heard, but as the mp3s reside on MP3.com, you won't be able to hear it there. MP3.com has been bought out by CNET News.com and the music on the site stopped being accessible after Dec. 2.

So, there's nothing to listen to there, folks, move along! But there are Orange Sheila CDs on the counter at Big B's, and she might even sell you one herself.

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