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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The Huntridge Theater: Yes on New Expansion, No on Radio Station

The Friends of the Huntridge Theater has successfully petitioned the Las Vegas City Council to expand the theater and the services that they are allowed to offer. The new proposal looks to take over the property currently run by Mattress World, dismantle the wall that separates the two buildings' parking lots, and rework the parking lot to a more aesthetically appealing solution with landscaping. The new building will have facilities for a bar and restaurant.

Unfortunately for listeners of radio in the Vegas Valley, the FCC rejected the Friends of the Huntridge's request for a broadcast license, made in March of 2003. The FCC determined that the frequency requested was too close to other currently used frequencies. The Friends of the Huntridge Theater is one of the groups listed on the FCC's PDF document "Low Power FM New Station Applications Dismissed for Failure to Comply with Third-adjacent Channel Protection Requirements," issued in March 2003.

Third-adjacent Channel Protection was a broadcasting requirement to prevent interference with other stations. This addition to the "Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of 2000" was championed by Clear Channel Communication, Infinity Broadcasting, and National Public Radio. It effectively removed 75% of all locations for Low Power FM stations.

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Survival Research Labs Plans for Art Show and Vegas Event in 2004 Survival Research Labs Plans for Art Show and Vegas Event in 2004

Survival Research Labs, the apocalyptic junkyard research collective, will be having a 25th Anniversary Exhibit at UNLV's Donna Beam Gallery and looks to have a "major production " in 2004.

The major production... Fire Breathing Robots vs. the Treasure Island's Sirens!!!

The Donna Beam Gallery's exhibition schedule webpage has a Survival Research Labs historical retrospective planned for January 12 through February 7, 2004. "Included will be a site-specific installation, documentary video screenings of past performances, artifacts, and a live performance event to be held February 7 at the Sam Boyd Stadium parking lot. "

From the SRL website's "Thursday, July 03, 2003" entry, "SRL on the lookout for new Blood. We have several events on the horizon (03 and 04) and several major machine projects in production. (One of the upcoming events is a major production in Las Vegas!) and we are looking for New SRL members to assist."

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Designs on the Future: The Las Vegas Spring Preserve and the Las Vegas Performing Arts Center

While one looks to be finished in 2005, and the other has no money to speak of, two websites show what the future holds for museums and performing arts centers in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Spring Preserve has an interactive map on its Future Site page, highlighting select features. The "Arrival Sequence" states, "Visitors approaching from the north or south on Valley View Boulevard will notice the plants and landform increasingly take on the character of the Mojave Desert. The landform will appear to have been shaped by the erosion force of flash floods that periodically roar out of the foothills and mountains into the washes below. The plants will reinforce the immersive setting from creosite bushes at the lower elevations to the Joshua Trees on the higher slopes."

The LVSP will also provide the Nevada State Museum, now currently in Lorenzi Park, with its new location. "The new Nevada State Museum will be a multilevel building embedded into a berm. The museum will feature collections and exhibits about the history of the state of Nevada. The museum also will feature a library and research collections, including photographs, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, and records pertaining to Nevada and Las Vegas." The Las Vegas Performing Arts Center has yet to start any development of its proposed complex, but offers a design that shows the Arts Center as the only remaining buildings in the valley after the end of the world. "The Las Vegas Performing Arts Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization of private citizens and public officials dedicated to raising funds for the construction and operation of a multi-facility performing arts center for the enrichment of Southern Nevada. This center will provide space for opera, ballet, symphony, drama, theater groups and visual arts. It is exactly what Las Vegas needs. This stimulating and exciting project is underway and we are looking for enthusiastic residents to participate in future events for this project."

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