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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Savar Brothers are rocking the local Art Scene!!!

Ahhh to be young and full of energy!!! Even though tonight is Preview Thursday in the Arts District Downtown, Evan and Hal Savar are having a little, well maybe not that little party of their own at the Artisan Hotel Boutique beginning at 6pm. Building off of their highly successful 1CrazyHappyHour party's, tonights event will be the launch party of their new website Fanbooked, where artists can showcase their talent and engage new audiences in the community and beyond. With such an amazing pool of talented artists and creatives in one place, this party should not be missed.

Oh my goodness, I easily suspect this will be a late night for me as I am transported from one artsy party to another, and not to mention the fact that tomorrow is First Friday!

Tonights event at the Artisan is free but you do have to be 21 to attend. So get away from the TV and come and party!

The Artisan Hotel Boutique
1501 West Sahara Avenue

For more information about Fanbooked - https://fanbooked.com/

Click on the map to enlarge...

Artists appearing:

Hal Savar, Rosalee Sher, Cinémetric, Chris Lightfoot, Shaun Degraff, Jen Creason, Loophole, And the Wolf, Earth Rising, The All Togethers, The Mysteries Gone, Sabriel Hobart, Rockie Brown Band, Kaci, Machacyk, Paul Johnson, Micah Kohn, Jay R. Beatbox, Kella Tijerina, ForTwentyDaze, John Allen (Just Alliance), Megan Barker, Stevenson Brooks, Jefferson Montoya, David J. Hartley, Selina Rae Melancon, Szaboband.com, Michael Austin

Prose and Flows 
(Poetry & Rap)
Sam King, James TheMachine Shahan, Ekoh (Jeff Thompson), A.J Moyer, Roxy Feathers, Nathan Say, Jorge Lara, Kris Krainock

DJ Munkey, Metchu, Glaze

Visual Artists
Juan Muniz, Jason Little, Mark Mellon, Wade Hampton, Noel Calizo, Alexander Franco, Heather Herman, Peter Mengert, Matt Ortego, Blades Artistry, NINJABOT, Rock that Rose - Melissa Diaz, Valentina Eagar, Scott Newman, Brent Holmes, Scott See, TAGZ1, Tommy Vinci, Allen R. Palmer, Geneva E, Marquez, Mikel Patrik, Mk Ultra, Christina Grimaldi Esposito, Torn Cutoure, Chris Romaine, Has Jewels by Shannon, Sierra Nicole, Minnie Rodriguez, Anya Peterson, Danyette Duarte, Mixsi Joann Paredes, Katarina Hradilekova, Stacey Van Dorpe, Alexander Sky, Alexander Franco, Michael Maze

Brieanna Brock All Knight Studioz, Amber Of Ex Creations, Kristy Rose, MzMina Kahn

Lessa Michelle, Asia Jade, Sarah Davis, Isabella Ivy, Mindy Jay, Jessica Nichole, Lorris Schmook, Jani Love ,Jamie Hammond, Jennifer Hartsoe, Kayla Jones, Figgie, Kristina Pelly, Haffa, Devyn Shannon, Britt Bull, Natasha Braxton, Erin Jill McMenimen, Christy Love, Ivana Blaize, Lisa Stevens
Hair & Make-up
Melody Rogers , Raven Rex Franco, Candice Marie, Melody Rodgers, Mina Kahn

Sound proided by
Griffin Entertainment

Press release - 

LAS VEGAS, May 29, 2012–Brothers Hal and Evan Savar feature original talent from the Vegas community in a novel way with the launch of Fan-Fest at Artisan this Thursday as part of the process of launching their beta website Fanbooked.com. Starting with a historic showcase planned with over 100 of the top Las Vegas original talent at Artisan on Thursday, May 31st, 6 to 11pm--the brothers bring heightened attention to the Las Vegas’ arts scene while engaging in targeted efforts to engage and grow this economic sector of the local community.

Artisan Showcase.Artisan will be transformed into a creative playground for Las Vegas' top talent to be heard, seen, and experienced. Featuring Las Vegas bands, artists, dancers, designers, poets, and great food and drink specials.

The Fanbooked initiative is an online audience engagement and artists’ incubator that provides benefits to both. The first phase involves promoting artists in local showcases and involving them in populating the site with their profiles at no cost.

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