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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vegas PBS Producer and Friend leaving Las Vegas...

As a local I am pretty used to people leaving Las Vegas. It is a transient town after all and people come and go rather quickly. Sadly I have become pretty numb to the fact actually. But on occasion there are those individuals who depart that truly leave me with a huge sense of loss. That moment came to me a month ago when my good friend Desiree Duncan, who I consider my sister, informed me that she was leaving Las Vegas. There were no words to describe the shock I found myself in. I guess this is the closest it will ever feel for me to have a child move away to go to college.

Desiree is the type of person that has an electrifying personality. She is fun to hang out with and professionally she is a leader like no other. As a television producer, correspondent, editor and on-air talent for Vegas PBS she created important programming that helped raise the level of community in a city not known for such things. As a volunteer for important causes, especially for the LGBT community, she helped raise awareness, fund-raise and create important events such as the annual Artrageous Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. What is most amazing about these accomplishments is that Desiree has done them all before the age of 30! An inspiration to say the least.

Though Desiree is leaving our radiant city to continue her career in public television she has undoubtedly left her mark. She is leaving a long lasting impact that will be felt for years to come, not to mention the countless friendships she has fostered with so many that will not easily fade. She will be sorely missed but never ever forgotten. Goodness knows I will be keeping in touch with my little sister and visiting her as often as I can. Who knows, maybe soon I will finally get to play that game of horseshoes with her in Tennessee...

This evening Desiree "Des" Duncan will be honored by the Equal Rights Campaign at their annual gala dinner at the Wynn Las Vegas. An award well deserved for one of the most dynamic women to ever grace our great city.

G-dspeed Desiree!

Desiree Duncan

Denise, Desiree and Paco at the Valley of Fire 2012

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