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Monday, May 07, 2012

Public art defaced by local business? Say it ain't so!

As I was on my weekly sojourn to dine at my parents this past Sunday I noticed that several of the county's "ZAP" public art projects along Tropicana had been defaced. Taggers had done their bad deed on several of the works-of-art along the busy stretch of road. But what was most outrageous was the fact that several businesses placed their advertising on the art! Not just is defacing public art illegal, but to place your ads on public property, in this case signal boxes, is a most egregious offense.

Luckily the best thing to come of all this is the fact that these businesses left their telephone numbers for everyone to see!

Apparently after several phone calls, Yelp and Facebook posts one of the business owners has gone to the site to see if they can remove the stickers. Hopefully none of the artwork beneath will be damaged. Stay tuned...

For more information about the ZAP Projects around town please visit - http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/parks/Services/Pages/zap-homepage.aspx

Artists Jeff Fulmer's ZAP project defaced

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