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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sin City Gallery presents MEMES by Artist KD Matheson...

One of Las Vegas's most creative and imaginative artists KD Matheson returns to his old studio and gallery. Way before Sin City Gallery and First Friday came into existence KD had an amazing little gallery located in the exact same location at the Arts Factory. I was introduced to KD by my best friend Mike in 2001 and I remember walking into his little space and commenting that the murals on the wall made me think of what a nightclub would be like on Mars. Not just did his work blow my mind but KD himself is an amazing soul and a great friend.

KD's work is anthropomorphic, androgynous, other worldly, hearkening back to the science fiction space movies of the 1950's, a futurist flair. Though there are many artists that have ventured into the sci-fi realm of fantasy, HR Giger coming to mind, KD's work takes the concept to another level. Unlike Giger, KD's work is not scary nor dark but rather colorful and vibrant, almost perfect for the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or the movie the 5th Element. In either case his work excites me every time I muse with it and I am even more excited that he is returning home for an exhibition. 

On March 3rd KD Matheson will be presenting his latest adventure MEMES, a modern fairy tail at Sin City Gallery. The work will feature bold colors that swirl and blend to create mystical images of vision’s past, combined with flashes of sensual wonderment that beckons you to a world of the fantastic. MEMES transcends space and time through florescent-colored geometric shapes and muted orgasmic tones of the sublime. The exhibition is intended to make you think with the senses and feel with the mind. 

About KD Matheson and Sin City Gallery...

Matheson’s commissioned work is featured on murals throughout the City of Las Vegas and is also on permanent display inside The Cosmopolitan resort. Matheson’s artwork is also found among private collections around the globe. Gallery owner, Dr. Laura Henkel states, “Most people think that Matheson’s work is unapproachable to acquire due to his notoriety; however, we have created digital prints so that anyone may way acquire Matheson’s work for less than $100.00. The exhibition will feature canvases and sculptures for those discerning collectors who want unique pieces.”

Matheson is also the featured artist for Sin City Gallery’s second mural art installation. On Monday, February 21, 2011, Matheson will incorporate Three Bad Sheep’s “Escape Into Sanity” into a new signature piece. Sin City Gallery encourages art patrons to stop by the gallery to see how Matheson develops this exciting edition to culture in Las Vegas. Sin City Gallery is designed to accelerate the pulse of art and culture with its sophisticated exhibitions by presenting daring and eclectic art from around the corner and around the world. The mural project supports that vision and is designed to compliment the gallery’s monthly exhibitions, as well as to inspire public art within its community.

MEMES exhibition opens March 3 and runs until March 26. An intimate, informal free lecture with Matheson is scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 12:00-2pm, whereby drinks and food will be served.

Sin City Gallery
107 East Charleston Boulevard Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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