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Saturday, October 09, 2010

A Moderne Marvel Lost...

Several months ago I completed a photo essay on the last vestiges of Las Vegas' Art Moderne past Art Moderne... Las Vegas' rediscovered architectural past... I documented over 20 examples of this architectural vernacular that was the norm in the community during the 1930' and 40's. Sadly a few days ago as I was driving down Las Vegas Boulevard, near my home, I witnessed something that caused my heart to sink. One of the finest examples of Moderne architecture in Downtown was being demolished. I was heartbroken to see this beautiful bank building located at 200 Las Vegas Boulevard South, coming down.

It is sad to think that this building could have been turned into a nightclub or a restaurant. That someone with a little vision could have seen its potential and made it work. I suspect that this lot will now remain blighted for the foreseeable future. Though Downtown is growing and great projects are being erected, we need to be much more engaged in what happens in our community. Educating property owners about their historic buildings can potentially lead to positive adaptive reuses of these structures. Besides why build a new building that looks old, when you can have the real thing?

Here are some photos of the building that I took a few months ago and sadly a few days ago.

Bank Building (Regency Moderne)
200 Las Vegas Boulevard South at Carson

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