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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LVSK8 IV Annual Skate Deck Art Show @ PLACE Gallery...

Well I am excited about this upcoming show not just because it is going to be an amazing exhibition, located in an amazing space called PLACE and being hosted by two amazing people Gina Quaranto and Michael Arthurholtz, but the fact that I have entered a work of art (skate deck) too! I cannot believe that I have two works of art currently on exhibition in the arts district. Besides the skate deck I have a small pencil drawing that is part of Erin Stellmon's show Reign of Glass at the Contemporary Arts Center. In either case my creative block has recently dissolved and I hope that I will be creating more art and of course blogging away about all the other great artists, galleries and events that are happening in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas. So with all this said get down to Preview Thursday and First Friday for lots of creative fun and guess what? Its Free!

Here is the press release about LVSK8 IV which I have printed in its entirety to give you a better idea behind this exciting exhibition. 

100+ Artists Thrash Las Vegas Art Scene
LVSK8 IV Annual Skate Deck Art Works on paper, canvas, found objects, and even the sides of entire buildings are in no shortage. The area has also been blessed with the recent openings of new galleries and studios, not to mention all the cosmetic and infrastructure upgrades being completed by the City of Las Vegas. Despite being hit by hard times, the city's art scene soldiers on and continues to bring fresh, innovative displays of talent and creativity.

Now the Arts District prepares for the next bombshell set to hit ground zero - LVSK8 IV: The Skate Deck Art Show, known simply as LVSK8 by artists and fans alike, has tasked artists to grace the venerable skate deck with their signature styles. This year marks the fourth exhibit of the annual event that is more than just an art show, but a way to unite local artists from seperate artistic disciplines from across the valley. The shows diversity stems from the mix of over 100 tattoo artists, fine artists, graffiti artists, photographers, and designers - many of whom are skaters themselves.

The LVSK8 artists not only infuse a passion for culture into the skating scene, but draw inspiration from it as well. Skate deck art in the skate world is not just a form of expression, but of communication that goes both ways. Artists are able to make a statement with decks they create, just as a skater makes his or her statement in the stick they choose to ride.

The artwork submitted for the show gets more and more creative every year. Past submissions have been painted, carved, stained, and burned. They've been heavy and sculptural, required a power source, and let's face it; most are just too cool looking to actually ride. There is no rule though, that says you can't slap on trucks and wheels and ride off into the sunset.

Originally the brainchild of artist Michael Todoran, the LVSK8 show began with it's first exhibit at UNLV's Grant Hall. “There was a crowd of people waiting for Grant Hall to open,” Todoran reminisces about LVSK8 One’s reception, “I don’t ever remember a show getting that kind of response.” Fortunatley, it continuedgetting that response and the next year Todoran went on to produce "LVSK8 Deuce" at MTZ Gallery, and "LVSK8 III" at Henri & Odette.

Shortly after last years show, Todoran moved to Ohio and the fate of the show was questionable. Enter Mike Arthurholtz, a prior LVSK8 artist and the online promoter of the previous years LVSK8 III who also happens to be the founder of local collective Art Renegades. With a shared passion for the show between the two, things finally fell into place with the willingness and enthusiasm of gallery manager Gina Quaranto. LVSK8 IV now continues the creative precendent set by the previous exhibits.

LVSK8 IV will thrash the Vegas art scene at PLACE Gallery on First Friday, July 2, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm.

There will also be a preview night during the same hours on Thursday, July 1st. They are located at 1054 S. Main St., just west of the S2 Arts Building and the recently completed Sculpture Park. The gallery continues it's reputation of hosting landmark shows since opening in the Arts District last October. The gallery boasts dedicated exhibit space, working artists studios, and space for music and performances.

The exhibit will hang July 1-30, with hours Friday thru Sunday, and by appointment throughout the week. Visit www.artrenegades.com for more information and hours or contact: Michael Arthurholtz 702.862.9653 or Gina Quaranto 702.782.0319...

Art Renegades serves as a promotional vehicle primarily for local Las Vegas artists, studios, galleries, arts organizations, and the Las Vegas art scene in general. While we generally subscribe to the "fringes" of the art world, i.e. outsider, lowbrow, tattoo, graffiti, etc., it is our goal to smudge the lines and rip off the labels that separate us.

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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I can't wait to see "The Skate Deck Art Show" It's really a must-see one. Thanks for the share. Keep it up!

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