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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nicky Watts @ SPACE in 18b...

I had the pleasure of hearing Nicky Watts present her Wear Recycle concept at the Vegas Artist Guild meeting several months ago. A few months after that I finally got to meet Nicky and spend some time with her. Her dynamic personality is electrifying and getting to know her over the last several months you really begin understanding what makes this young artist so special. She has a keen awareness of her surroundings and how materials can work within that environment. Manipulating recycled paper she creates works of art that are stunning while at the same time so delicate that any small movement could cause her work to disintegrate. By demonstrating the delicateness of her art she sets the stage for a better understanding of life-as-ephemera and the old adage that nothing lasts forever.

If you want to meet Nicky, which I highly recommend, please come down to SPACE on Charleston. For more information please see the information below.

SPACE Gallery
8 East Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
(across the street from the Arts Factory)

Nicky Watts Studios to exhibit The Wear Recycle Poster Show; Seasons at SPACE

May 14, 2010, Las Vegas, NV – Nicky Watts Studios, producer of Wear Recycle, collaborates with Verge Marketing Group, Graphics West, Aspen Communications, Sam’s Club, and many other local, national, and international businesses to exhibit the Wear Recycle Poster Show; Seasons in Las Vegas. Wear Recycle is a creative mixture of fashion, art, and pop culture for the study of physiological reactions that effect adult relationships through the production and use of recycle paper as a sculptural material.

The Wear Recycle Poster Show series puts a graphic twist to the photographs shot for Wear Recycle to promote it as a movement of individual consciousness through observation of internal reactions. These shows are meant to create a multitude of interactions through out the display of the work to create an environment in which reactions are naturally occurring, but in a space open for discussion of them.

In order to create interactions, The Wear Recycle Poster Show; Seasons, has many events through out the month of July at SPACE in Las Vegas. These events include three artist talks, First Thursday reception, First Friday BBQ celebration (meat, veggie, and vegan friendly), a Champagne Reception, Dinner with the Artists at the Artisan, closing reception, and a performance by Nicky Watts in which she is not allowed to leave in SPACE for 5 days.
For more information on Nicky Watts visit www.wearrecycle.com.

Schedule of Events

July 1 - 7pm - Artist Talk
July 2 - 6-10pm - First Friday BBQ
July 2-6 - 24hours- Artist Performance
July 6 - 3pm - Artist Talk
July 7 - 6-9pm - Champagne Reception $20 tickets
July 21 - 3pm - Artist Talk
July 30 - 6-9pm - Closing Reception
August 13 - 7-10pm - Dinner with the Artist @ the Artisan $100 tickets
(standard and vegan dishes will be served)

Wear Recycle

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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