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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artist Brian Porray inaugurates the new Trifecta Gallery

I have always called Marty Walsh's Trifecta Gallery the little gallery that could. Through hard work, perseverance and a knack for a unique style of art she has created one of the finest and most sought after galleries in Las Vegas. Every time I have walked into her gallery I have been mesmerized by the wonderful shows that demonstrate to me that Marty is keenly aware of the curatorial process. As a professional curator myself, when I muse with a well curated show I always have a ZEN moment and at Trifecta I have had many of them.

Walking into the new Trifecta gallery a few weeks ago with Marty, long before the walls were painted or the floors refinished, I witnessed her contagious enthusiasm. Though always humble and always aware of her surroundings Marty was giddy about the prospects of her larger space. For years she maintained her small gallery knowing all too well how many galleries have come and gone. She stuck it out even through the darkest times of the economic downturn and survived. Rather then buy into a large gallery at the time and try to impress with scale Marty took a more conservative approach and focused on smaller exhibitions building her clientèle and more importantly growing her stock of devoted fans (myself included).

I had the pleasure of working with Marty for many years when we served on the board of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), then known as the "collective." I can even recall how many times we worked together late into the night hanging shows at the CAC. I even learned a heck of a lot of useful skills from this great artist and gallerist. Marty is definitely someone you need to know and the art on Trifecta's walls are a testament to her absolute devotion to fine art. Today Marty has taken the leap and expanded her sphere acknowledging that the time has come to grow.

This week marks the grand opening of her newest adventure just across the hall from her former space in the World Famous Arts Factory. The inaugural exhibition will be featuring one of my favorite local artists Brian Porray. This young, dynamic and recently graduated artist has earned my respect for producing art that blows my mind. His vibrant colors and themes will leave you yearning for more and in Marty's new space the work just pops off the walls. Preview Thursday will be rockin so make sure to get Downtown and celebrate Las Vegas' art and culture scene.

For more information on Trifecta Gallery please visit their site at http://www.trifectagallery.com/

Trifecta Gallery
107 East Charleston Blvd Suite 135
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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