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Thursday, October 07, 2004

First Friday: Not Too Bad...

So, First Friday came and went. The second anniversary of Vegas' art district celebration included the opening of Godt-Cleary, the second Vegas artist-sponsored event, and imported shenanigans of the Pacific Arts Collective.

First, Godt-Cleary: Big, white, and full of art, the new Godt-Cleary space has everything that a gallery is supposed to have. Anyone who had seen the gallery still unfinished just a day or two before Friday was surprised that it was open on time. Apparently, Dennis Hopper usually oversees the installation of his gallery shows, but he was absent for this one. While the art made its way to the walls, when Mr. Hopper sees the show it will be interesting to see if he is "Easy Rider" or "Search and Destroy".

The Las Vegas Community Artists Group LCC had their second Spaced Invaders after-hours invasion of Snick's Place and the Aloha Laundromat. From their website...

"Our second SPACED INVADERS First Friday after party was a HUGE hit! We had about 250 people there in the course of the evening and everyone we've spoken with had a blast. "

There is a surprising beauty to the colorfully lit laundromat. The outside was a slight contrast with a suicide-themed film as part of the Shithoof Film Group's showing of locally made films.

And finally, the Pacific Art Collective brought artcars, performers, and blacklight paint. They shared the street in front of the Funk House, along with the growing collection of local artists hawking their wares. Have you bought a Moon Monster yet? Perfect for Halloween.

It's interesting to see more events and spaces migrating away from the Arts Factory. It's indicative of the maturing of the Arts District, with both the converted apartments of Drey's Place and the Aloha Laundromat as examples of the unexpected places in which groups are finding homes for their events in the neighborhood.

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Blogger Squidnik said...

that firstFriday was super cool.
i only ventured once from our booth,
it looked very colorful...
very lovley for night time.
moonMONSTeRS are the coolest too.
he he.

2:59 AM


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