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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Monet Continued

More fallout from the Vegas Monet show continues, with additional criticism skewering the Boston MFA for its involvement in the crass, artistic adventure that is "Monet in Vegas". Fortunately, Greg Crosby and Chuck Twardy popped out articles in the pro-Vegas camp for the CityLife and Las Vegas Weekly. They both offered articulate responses to the show and the arrangement's criticism and since they actually live in Vegas, both included actual reviews of the show!

Proving that a well-voiced argument will be listened to, Artblog.net's Boston MFA for Sale, Reconsidered article quotes our Mr. Crosby and finds that Vegas writers are kind of smart. Additionally, the site states that his "... opinion is the opposite of the Christopher Knight piece previously cited. Whether Knight or Crosby is ultimately right, you can be sure that you would rather have a drink with Crosby." How true.

All of this defense of Vegas and the Boston MFA will be seen as naive and uninformed by unconvinced critics of Vegas, and more proof that the city is no place for culture. To them I say...

Come for our strippers and shrimp cocktails and stay for the fine arts and culture. And then go home!

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