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Monday, February 16, 2004

Get Ready for DVDs of DOOM!!!

This one's mainly for the VegasGoth list, and everyone else with a child-like love of all things dark and twisted.

Invader Zim, the animated brainchild of Jhonen Vasquez, is coming to DVD. Invader Zim is an alien bent on world conquest and the cartoon is one with a significantly black sense of humor. It made for an interesting contrast to the other shows it accompanied on Nickelodeon. Now off the air, the much-bootlegged show has been available on the internet fansites and eBay for some time. But now Media Blasters has announced in its press release that the much acclaimed show is due out on May 11.

On their Invader Zim Q & A page, they announced... "Yes, you will be able to pre-order the DVDs via this web site soon especially the DVD collector's box. Please check the web site soon for a link to sign up."

But fansite Room with a Moose has found that the Rightstuf.com is currently taking preorders for the Invader Zim DVD Volume 1. Additionally, Room with a Moose has found that Palisades Toys will be making Zim Toys. From their website...

"In this office, we have wanted to do this line for over two years at least. Everybody is really excited about it. We wil show painted prototypes of all the Series 1 characters at Toy Fair, but for now we can let you know what the Series 1 line-up is going to be. Series 1 (of DOOM!) includes Zim in Alien Form, Gir in Robot Form, Dib, Ms. Bitters and Almighty Tallest Red. Expect a few facial expression variants of Zim in Series one, along with a Military Mode Gir! If the line takes off we have a lot of other cool stuff planned for it."

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