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Saturday, December 13, 2003

British Invasion, Monty Python Infestation

Eric Idle, you know, the oppressed one, will be performing at the House of Blues Dec. 14th. But another Python alum made an appearance in town, only he wasn't performing publicly. John Cleese, you know, the one who threatened to taunt them again if they didn't go away, was holding court at the MGM Grand's convention center on Dec. 4th. Autodesk had its 2003 conference, and had the nice Mr. Cleese over for cheese and spam. But the company did have one caveat. From the company's website...

"Disclaimer: Humor affects people in different ways--it's funny that way! In the Monty Python world of comedy, nothing is sacred. For both reasons, your enjoyment of this event is not guaranteed."

When heckled by an imaginary unsatisfied guest while performing, Mr. Cleese was imagined to have said, "If you don't leave this large conference room now, I shall be forced to direct my pointed humor at you again." Or something to that effect.

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