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Friday, December 19, 2003

What's For Christmas: Public Defacement

Just in time for the holiday, taggers hit the new monorail. But while some see graffiti as an eyesore, others find it an eyesore that can make them some cash. Hip London-based graffiti artist Banksey is making waves with outlaw cred and a temporary store to sell his wares just in time for the Christmas season. Santa's Ghetto online store has works of other artists, such as Jamie Hewlett, Mode 2, and Massive Attack's 3D, and a online storefront as well. From the site, "...it's not revolutionary, it's just cheap. Art for everybody, made by nobodies."

While hanging graffiti on the walls is one thing, it's best appreciated on somebody's building. Documenting graffiti art in its native environment is Bloodwars Magazine. The online publication is free to download and print and often runs 20 pages or more.

Even the association of art and graffiti is enough to upset some folks' sensibilities. When local artist Dray had an exhibition at the Winchester Community Center, a county graffiti-abatement officer slammed the exhibition in an e-mail to various officials. Everyone's a critic.

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