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Friday, November 28, 2003

Vegas Journalism Blogs, and More

Enter "Vegas Blog" into Google and you mainly get moronic posts about the "total blast we had in Vegas." Thankfully, Richard Abowitz from the Las Vegas Weekly wrote a fine article about the online musings of Vegas media writers. Joshua Ellis, Gregory Crosby, Geoff Carter, Mike Zigler, Rick Henderson, and Jarret Keene are all profiled. The article critiques the quality of writing, ranging from witty and accessible (Geoff Carter) to the self-absorbed and self-referential (Joshua Ellis). In addition to the writing, Mr. Carter’s site includes some great photography. If you wish to read some of Ellis’s better prose, Google has archived his exploration of the tunnels under Vegas.

Now for something different. Enter "Vegas Blog Stripper" and Google leads you to this. The trials and travails of this Vegas-based stripper are too short and too infrequent to warrant visiting often. But the changes in drug use from the first entry to the last make this worth reading, so start from the bottom of the blog and treat it as a short story.

Outside of the Vegas Valley, blogs bloom as well. While catering to locals, Ely and Elko both have resident bloggers. In addition to local goings on, the Elko site has news pertaining to Vegas. From the June 15th entry...

"Yessirree, buddy, there are lots of cool things in Elko. But the coolest thing about Elko County is that everyone wants our water, especially Las Vegas! Now that wouldn't be so bad except that Las Vegas is probably not aware that we have a unique little tradition going on around here with our mines. It's called 'dewatering and here's a little bit of info about it:

Humboldt River Basin Assessment

and another site telling about dewatering is:

Dewatering at the Mines in the Great Basin"

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