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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bubba Ho-Tep to be Screened Friday at Regal Village Square

The Super8punk Film Production group of Vegas just posted that the Regal Village Square will be screening Bruce Campbell's Elvis vs. mummy epic on Dec 5.

Bubba Ho-Tep, which has been critically acclaimed, had trouble even getting distribution when first made. The movie revolves around a battle of good and evil, pitting an aging Elvis and JFK against a resurrected mummy in the nursing home where they all reside. But through good word of mouth and the legion of Bruce Campbell fans, the movie continues to increase screenings. And fortunately, Vegas is one of the cities to be added to the list.

To view the trailer or for more info, see the Bubba Ho-Tep site. In September of 2003, Fresh Air's Terry Gross interviewed the movie's director, Don Cascarelli. The interview, which can be found here, details the struggle the movie makers had in getting Bubba Ho-Tep made and seen, and talks about the short story that was the inspiration for the movie.

Hopefully, the grass-roots campaign will make the movie enough of a success to warrant sequels. Campbell has expressed an interest in seeing Elvis battle other foes, and an epic battle on the Vegas Strip would be perfect place for the king to carry on his fight for what's right.

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