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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Sincity Punks/United Punk: Boston Bar and Grill Stiffs Band

The Sincity Punks/United Punk website claims that the owner of the Boston Bar & Grill encouraged and condoned the illegal sale of wristbands outside the bar.

From the November 5th entry, "On November 1, 2003, the promoters of the Hamsa Lila show at The Boston Bar & Grill caught the owner, Rob Bassett, selling unauthorized wristbands outside his venue. The promoters had agreed upon a rental fee for the venue and the venue would take the bar profits and the promoter would control the door. The promoter, Molly Ruland, witnessed a security guard selling wristbands to gain entrance to the club for a reduced fee than what was being charged at the door."

This was in violation of the agreement with Promoter Molly Ruland of One Love Entertainment and the band. In addition to this, another claim of illegal wristband sales taking place at a Walgreens was made as well.

This event has led to a lawsuit against Rob Bassett and much bad blood between him and promoter Molly Ruland.

" ...Rob Bassett has managed to take away a lot of hard work and money from the rightful owners. Something to think about before you either visit or promote at The Boston Bar & Grill."

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