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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Twitterverse. You are Invited! The New Abstraction Digital Art Via Twitter and American Artist Jim Briare

Ever want to own your own artwork? You are in luck. All you have to do is tweet.

Award winning American artist Jim Briare is thrilled to announce the return of an exciting interactive digital art project, Tweet To Art. Joining the ranks of the leagues of digital and digitally inspired artists, Briare invites all Twitter users to take part in the art project which will be exhibited at the Art Motel inside the Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival on September 25-27, 2015 in Downtown Las Vegas. To take part in an interactive art exhibit, include the hashtags #Briare_art and #lifeisbeautiful in your tweet. Briare will be on hand to create an abstract digital painting with your message!

Using Briare’s patent pending process to transform tweets into digital art, Twitter collaborators can create unique and visually compelling source material. Then the artist enhances color, changes, form, composition and other elements to give each piece a personal touch. Interactive collaborators are assured an original piece displayed at the Art Motel via LCD projector and re-tweeted back to its originator.

Digital art is one of the most important mediums today and reflects a novel consciousness and aesthetic reality. Wade Guyton and Stephen Prina have wooed the art world with their experiments, while Mark Bradford has explored the “surface” of the virtual world. Briare belongs to this new class of artists who transform and reinterpret digital modes. Formally, Briare’s art echoes the structure of the post abstract expressionist compositions of American artist Richard Garet and the neo—geometric painter Peter Haley.

In a perceptive essay on abstraction and contemporary art in Artnews, curator Pepe Karmel points to the resurgence of large scale shows at key museums devoted to abstraction, and posits that abstraction shares much with traditional art and divides abstraction into various types, useful to us in terms of understanding Briare’s place in this contemporary digital movement. Karmel points to constellations, exemplified by works by David Row and Chris Martin. Another form is identified as landscape seen in the digital works by Jennifer Steinkamp, yet another category is architecture, which along with landscape resonates the most with Briare’s practice; the artist shares his inclusively poetic vision:

“The creation of any art in any media is a process. Tweet to Art, allows anyone, the joyous opportunity to collaborate - creating a unique and special abstract art piece that can be shared at the moment where it is created, and shared with the twitterverse on a universal scale.”

Abstraction has always been valued for its expressive quality and today it has a new muse, the public. Interactions between artists and the public has become a key dialogue, and Twitter as a medium for art has been used by art world pioneers such as the Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei who says of the medium’s importance and unique character: “It is so intimate but, at the same time, so broadly connects us to others. Humans have never had this in our history. (http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/ai-weiwei-says-twitter-is-art)

Be a part of this inventive medium, create, collaborate and collect with Briare.

Collect some art on Twitter.

About the Artist

Briare holds his BFA, University of Nevada, and has worked in the creative arts for many years including film, photography, performance and design. His work has been featured in USA TODAY; Life is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas (2014), and Brian Eno’s Lux-Day of Light. In addition to this innovative project, Briare makes brightly graphic drawings high-resolution photographic works and abstract film projects that verge on surrealism. The artist began his foray in advertising at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. It was there he developed what would become the award winning and iconographic, Crazy Girls No ifs, ands or … cab back and billboard campaign.

Jim then moved his artistic endeavors to creative support for the retail division at Mandalay Resort Group, one of the largest resort casino companies in the world. Work included photography, video production, site-specific installations, and graphic design. He also oversaw the purchase of all the fine art for the company’s galleries and public space retail displays.

When MGM Resorts International merged with Mandalay Resort Group, Jim’s imaginative skills were again sought out for the oversight of the innovative and creative processes of Corporate Communications, where he leads the creative development of all internal communications platforms including momentum, the company’s award-winning daily news and information source.

This creator is constantly reinventing himself and discovering new ways to communicate with the world. More information may be viewed at http://www.jimbriareart.com.

Instagram: @jbriare
Twitter: @briare_art
Facebook: Jim Briare Art

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