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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Seductive Simplicity - Francois Dubeau - September 3 - October 24

Sin City Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of new pieces by François Dubeau whose finely rendered artworks are an achievement of skill and imagination. Always well made, Dubeau’s art is sought after by collectors of contemporary and modern art as well as those who love historic prints.

The artist’s subject matter is quite diverse, from lyrical pictures of instruments, linear Asiatic style animals, views of graceful nudes like Femme au Chignon, and edgy works like Top picturing a stunningly retro brunette garnishing a whip.

The popularity of Dubeau’s work is found in the graceful simplicity of his calligraphic style. Many of the line drawings like CatWalk 672 are so effortlessly gestural that one can imagine the artist’s hand holding a fountain pen, poised above the paper.

However, one might be surprised to know that artist’s captivating pictures are in fact, first conceived using a digital stylus, the virtual canvas allowing an unparalleled range of motion and artistry. The drawing is transferred to paper or canvas, the latter enhanced with traditional painting techniques creating lyrical scenes.

The simple elegance of shapely line against negative space is a motif of greats such as Henri Matisse who also depicted the body of woman with graceful curving gesture, creating a tension between form and emptiness, sensuality and plainness such the French master’s famous Reclining Nude (1927).

Dubeau’s oeuvre is often alluringly erotic and sometimes delightfully daring, and yet his range is both impressive and expansive as other pieces seems pensive and draw on traditions of calligraphy. Still others are whimsical and play on prototypes of sex appeal sexiness, such as the timeless pin up girl. A tribute to the naturally sensuous and beauty of the feminine form Dubeau’s work incorporates digital technology, engraving, illustration and painting to create memorable work that has a calm allure.

In addition to the private demand for his work, Dubeau’s artistry has premiered in numerous exhibits and events such as Art@Large (New York); Gallery by the Bay, Stanwood, Washington; Circuit des arts Memphrémagog, Magog, Québec, an Artist’s Workshop Open House; La maison Blanche Montreal; the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival; The Dirty Show, Detroit and Los Angeles; Unclad, Portland, Oregon; and the EHM, Las Vegas. Dubeau’s work can also be found in the permanent Collections of the Exodus Trust and the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. In addition to honors such as second place in the Public’s Choice, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and honorable mention in Art @ Large, Going Underground, New York, Dubeau has been featured in various publications including Erotic Signature and Hors Série Décoration.

The artist will give a talk on October 1st, 2015 at 7:00pm. www.sincitygallery.com

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