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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poets, Film makers and futurists will talk Vegas post apocalypse...

I just got an email informing of a small gathering of poets and others that will take place at Red Rock Canyon overlook this evening at 6pm. With local visionaries like Josh Ellis and Jarret Keene you know the gathering is one not to be missed.

The gatehring will take place at the Belvedere Overlook on Charleston Boulevard inside Red Rock Canyon conservation area, it is a conference on the future of Las Vegas, given by three futurists-poets-sociologists-rock stars, namely Ryan Mathews (Detroit), Josh Ellis (Detroit) and Jarret Keane (Las Vegas).

French director Florent Tillon welcomes you to attend a wild outdoors conference for his feature Documentary on this city, "Las Vegas Meditation".

Ryan Mathews, a futurist from Detroit, Josh Ellis and Jarret Keane will all discuss the future of Vegas, desert poetics, possible apocalypse and uncertain destiny, America's last frontiers, hypothetical technological redemption, urban decay and remodelling, and much much more.

Come out to the Red Rock Canyon overlook, and join the discussion.
The event will be filmed and featured in Florent Tillon's film, currently in production.
Florent Tillon is the director of Detroit Wild City (2011)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
The event begins at 6pm

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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