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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yarnstormers take over Maryland Parkway pedestrian bridge!

Despite the city's efforts to curb graffiti there are a group of ladies and a few men too that are taking Las Vegas by storm, albeit yarn-storm. Across the country more and more gorilla public art is being produced by those knitting needle wielding ladies in an effort to beautify their surroundings. Whether it is a fence, a light poll, a fire hydrant or even a sweater for a tree, these "yarnstormers" are working to preserve this amazing art form and being very creative in their efforts.

Here in Las Vegas prominent local artist Diane Bush and her artistic friends have just completed a yarn-storm project on the Maryland Parkway Bridge. The old bridge has been a mainstay on Maryland Parkway since the 1980's, despite being a much needed bypass over the busy street next to Sunrise Hospital it is just damn ugly! But thanks to Diane and her efforts the bridge has some new clothes and looks very pretty. So as you drive down Maryland Parkway make sure to take a look at this new and exciting public art project in the heart of historic Winchester!

About artist Diane Bush please visit this site - http://www.dianebush.net/

The yarn storming team and supporters
from left Jane Pike, Bobbie Ann Howell,
Maryjane Dorofachuk, Diane Bush,
Clark County Commissioner Chris G, Victoria Hart
Clark County Commissioner Chris G cuts the
ceremonial yarn ribbon
(These photos have been provided by Diane Bush)

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