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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The London Biennale Satellite Project: Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists

Okay okay I have been a bad boy lately and not have been blogging as much, though I have a great excuse! More on that later... Just because I have been a little lax does not mean there is nothing happening in the world. So with all that said tonight is the big inaugural performance opening of what could potentially put Las Vegas on the international art map. The London Biennale Satellite Project: Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists will take place Pop-Up Art House (PUAH) one of Henderson, Nevada's most important art centers. This amazing gallery has featured an amazing array of exceptionally well curated exhibitions whose openings bring out the cultural arts intelligentsia from all over the area. Proprietor Sam McMackin is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to art and culture in Southern Nevada. The great thing about her is you never know what she will surprise us with next!

The big event happens TONIGHT at 7pm. the event is FREE and all are welcome!
PUAH Gallery
730 W. Sunset, Henderson, NV 89011

Here is the press release which is full of information about tonights big event.
Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists will be a performance-based project executed by visual artists from diverse backgrounds who have chosen Las Vegas as their home. Most of the selected artists are painters by discipline and the performance on Saturday, July 21at the Pop Up Art House will be an extension of their studio practice. "Each artist will respond to the color assigned to them but each performance is not exclusive to the concept of color. The color is only a starting point to create a larger conversation that is yet to be heard and seen," says artist and event coordinator Jevijoe Vitug.

The second London Biennale in Nevada satellite event will take over most of a commercial center with some performances happening within the gallery, a "fashion show" performance in the rear alley, a kitchen and sweetshop re-created in an adjacent warehouse space and performances at our Pop Up venue, Tempo located in the USA Diner & Lounge. There will be an outside bar for your enjoyment and iced tea courtesy of Iron Kettle Teas.

"Working with this year's rainbow theme, artists of varying backgrounds and interests used a designated color as a launching pad for performance projects that include a commentary on the disposable nature of manufactured items (Eri King) and a cooking performance referencing futuristic wartime propaganda (Brent Holmes and Yasmina Chavez). Matthew Couper addresses painting's obsessive trial-and-error nature by bringing to life Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin's "Le Singe Peintre," while JK Russ and Mina Kahn use film and fashion to present a journey from the neon corridors into the desert wilderness, bringing a bird woman to life. Filling out the rest of the rainbow is Noelle Garcia's Converse/moccasin workshop, combining contemporary society with Native American tradition, and Darren Johnson's exploration of miscommunication and rhetoric with Toshie McSwain." - Kristen Peterson, Las Vegas Weekly

The London Biennale project was founded in 1998 by David Medalla, a Filipino conceptual artist based in London, who assigns the theme for each year's biennale. The event aims to challenge and transform the notion of the art world 'biennale' as a large state or corporate-sponsored event with artists selected by curators based on their geographical location, citizenship, nationality, race and ethnicity by throwing open borders and encouraging a more intimate and community-based dialogue between the artists and audiences. Over the years, the London Biennale has expanded with simultaneous satellite events taking place in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Berlin, New York, Boston and Las Vegas.

Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists is coordinated by artist Jevijoe Vitug who instigated the inaugural London Biennale event in Las Vegas in August 2010 at the Contemporary Arts Center. This year's participation in the London Biennale will extend beyond the one-night-only performance event, Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists, with an exhibition of the documentation behind and of the performances at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas September 6 through 29. The artists are: Noelle Garcia (red), Eri King (orange), Jevijoe Vitug (yellow), Matthew Couper (green), J K Russ with Mina Kahn (blue), Darren Johnson (indigo) and Brent Holmes (violet).

Admission to both the performance event and the exhibition is free.

For more information on the London Biennale:

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