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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Clay Arts Vegas moves Downtown!

Awe heck why wait? Lets tell the world. Las Vegas' newest creative center for the clay arts has a new home in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas.

Located just a few blocks from the epicenter of the 18b Arts District, Clay Arts Vegas is working diligently to transform this old arts district landmark into a place to create amazing clay art.

After meeting with Constance "Connie" Stotzer and Peter Jakubowski of CAV last night I got so excited that I just couldn't wait to tell the world! Connie and Peter's enthusiasm about moving Downtown and start teaching classes had me jumping off the walls. But I will hold off in telling you the exact location. Can you guess what it is from the image below? If you recognize the space email me what it used to be and who knows there might even be a prize!

Here is a an exclusive teaser image to entice the creative and curious classes...

For more information about Clay Arts Vegas http://www.clayartsvegas.com/

An interior shot of Clay Arts Vegas soon to be home
in the heart of Downtown

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