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Monday, June 27, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival was FABULOUS!!!

Not a great picture but
you get the idea...
The sensory explosion of lights, music, costumes, public art, carnival rides and atmosphere made Friday evening one of the most memorable of my life. Even though I only attended one night of the three day Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) I have to say I never had so much fun at a party. It is without a doubt that Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop for the festival. If we can handle the masses of New Years Eve we can definitely handle a massive electronic music festival.

Though I did get a chance to see the festival grounds on a media tour the day before the event, nothing prepared me for what I was to behold the night I arrived. Walking out of the stands and looking over the panorama shook my scenes. It was if I just walked into a rainbow. The burst of color was overwhelming and the unmistakable sound of bass took over.

As my friends Ernie, Ryan and I streamed down to the festival grounds themselves I was greeted by amazing public art. A bamboo forest of sorts in an grassy area known as the Cosmic Meadow. The very place that hours later I would listen to the awesome sounds of Norwegian electronic stars Royksopp and Englishman Plastikman Richie Hawtin.

Meandering my way around from one area to the next told me I was in for a treat at every corner. Even the masses dressed in costumes, glow-sticks and every lighted toy imaginable was on full display. As an experienced "glowsticker" I was disappointed that I did not bring a pair myself since they are key to the way I dance to electronic music. But I was fortunate enough that a few of the kids that had them let me show them a thing or two when it comes to liquid dancing. Ahhh the memories...

For me, going to the Electronic Daisy Carnival was more of a spiritual journey back in time, a time of my awesome youth that spearheaded my absolute love and adoration for all music created electronically. All I can hope is that Insomniac, the producers of EDC, bring the greatest party on earth back to the greatest city.

Here are a few photo from my trusted I-Phone. They are not great but you will get the idea...

Kinetic Field Main Stage at EDC
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
EDC Festival Grounds from the VIP area @ Kinetic Field
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
Royksopp at Cosmic Meadow
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
The BrollyFlock public art @ EDC
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
Circuit Grounds Stage @ RDC
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
Cosmic Meadow @ EDC
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)
EDC Festival Grounds
(I-Phone Photo by Paco)

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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