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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Electric Daisy Carnival has arrived...

Public Art @
Electric Daisy Carnival
(photo by Paco)
The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is in my opinion the single most important music event to hit Las Vegas in its 106 year history. This event also has the potential to change the cultural landscape of this community for many years into the future. Insomniac, the producers of the event have already got the city abuzz and even Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman has signed a proclamation declaring this week for EDC. In addition, a portion of ticket sales from the event will go to several non-profits including the Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

As a seasoned connoisseur of electronic music myself, not just does the event bring in the hottest Dj's from around the world but it also teams up with visual artists such as the Flux Foundation to present the pubic with stunning interactive art-work worthy of any museum. Why Las Vegas has not had a music festival of this size and magnitude can be left up for debate, but at least its here, and now we can demonstrate to the world that we too can host a massive electronic music festival like no other.

With almost 200 acts, spanning three amazing and electrifying nights, on six huge stages, amazing public art and carnival rides to boot, EDC will be an event that this city will not easily forget. Touring the facilities yesterday before the gates even open, demonstrated to me that this will be a first class event; no expense has been spared and safety is at the top of the list. It is more than apparent that the crew at Insomniac knows how to put together a party and what they have created at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is by far a work-of-art.

Artists building
the BrollyFlock
interactive art
(photo by Paco)
Just being on the festival grounds made me look back at the amazing parties that I attended in my youth. Ah the days of The Electric Highway Tour 1997 (Las Vegas), Sonic Fusion 1999 (Las Vegas), Nocturnal Wonderland 2000 (Indio), Metropolis 2001 (San Francisco), not to mention the countless Cande Factore AWOL parties thrown by Chad Craig, the G-dfather of the Las Vegas' electronic music scene. Parties such as Monkey Biz, Star Gate, ONE, Devils Night, Blackout, Super Ganektagazoink, The Majic Mysterie Machine, Osmosis and so many more.

With such history, it is no surprise that we are more than ready to party like the big boys. With EDC poised to make an impact, the economic realities cannot be ignored and more importantly this tells me that Las Vegas is not down-and-out but-up-and-ready for anything.

So with all this said I am positive that I and tens of thousands of others, will be treated to a wonderland of sensory stimulation full of music, memories and a lot of fun at the Electric Daisy Carnival...

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about my first night at the festival... Now what to wear?


Las Vegas is exceptionally hot and dry. Keep hydrated with plenty of water. Pace yourself when drinking alcohol. Just because you are young does not mean you are invincible. Take it from a native, the desert is a harsh environment and she is not forgiving... Be smart, party responsibly and most importantly have a Fabulous time... 

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